Lawn Care Services in West Michigan

lawn care in formal landscapingGreen industry best practices have evolved over the past fifteen years in West Michigan. And, although basic lawn care techniques are much the same, the materials and equipment we use in landscape maintenance have changed. They are more effective and more environmentally friendly now.

If you own a large property, the horticultural expertise and resources that a high-end landscape maintenance company will bring to your lawn care program will be a worthwhile investment in the health of your lawn.

More Effective and Environmentally Friendly

Dan Andersen, GrassMasters maintenance Team Leader, says lawn maintenance has become more “scientific” particularly in the way his crews use fertilizers and nutrients. Once fertilizers have been sprayed, our mow crews have to accommodate the growth with proper lawn care and expertise.

lawn care-rolling hilly backyardAlso, fungicide and insecticide products are continually improving. Today they are more effective and more environmentally friendly. We use them sparingly, but when we have to, we can feel more comfortable about it. For example, the grub control treatment that Surrounds uses for its lawn care services has no cautionary labeling such as “dangerous” or “harmful” to bees, birds or mammals as other products that are available.

Our use of interventions is much more targeted now. Those of us in the green industry are absolutely concerned about preserving the health of the natural systems we work in.

Most of the time, Andersen says, his crews can avoid using pesticides because of their proactive approach to landscape maintenance and lawn care. The crews perform a variety of tasks in weekly rotation: inspecting planting beds and turf, managing weeds, and adjusting irrigation as needed. That’s the GrassMasters approach. The lawn care services are one element in our holistic landscape maintenance system.

Crew members will snap a photo if a plant or section lawn looks off and send it to a manager so that we can respond without delay.

Four Fundamentals of a Lawn Care Program

The foundational practices for maintaining a healthy lawn are mowing, watering, weeding, and nutrient management. Let’s detail those lawn care practices one at a time:

lawn care pattern around pool deckMowing
It is important to maintain grass at the correct length for weather conditions and season. The lawn grasses we use thrive in cool temperatures. So, in spring and fall, we’ll set the blade at around 3.5 inches to keep the lawn at a manageable height. In summer, when growth slows down, we give it an extra inch or so because that helps grass blades retain moisture against evaporation.

The worst thing for a lawn is too much water. Too much water will cause grass to develop a shallow root system making it more vulnerable in hot, dry conditions. It is important to adjust moisture frequency and quantity to match changing weather conditions.

Weeding. If necessary, we spot treat with chemicals during the growing season to prevent weed seeds from sprouting. In the fall, when we are overseeding in the fall, we switch to pulling weeds by hand because chemical applications stop any seed from germinating including our grass seed.

Nutrient Management
Turfgrass gobbles up nutrients, so they have to be replaced periodically—about four times per year.

Reality Check: The Perfectly Green Lawn

Even with irrigation, is it realistic to expect a uniformly green lawn throughout spring, summer, and fall? Not really. A lawn is a monoculture, the same plant with the same growth requirements spread across a large area that consists of various micro-environments. That is, depending on the location–next to a driveway or walkway, in shade or sun, wet or dry area—you are trying to get one type of plant to adapt to and grow in different conditions. It can be done, but not without irrigation and expert lawn care services.

front lawn maintenance

Consistency is Key to Expert Lawn Maintenance

lawn care-expansive backyardA high-end lawn care services company is going to perform weekly inspections and annual soil analysis to ensure your lawn has the correct Ph balance and nutrient levels to achieve its full potential. Throughout the season, too, the lawn maintenance crews work through a rotation of tasks such as fertilizing, weeding, seeding, aeration at specific times.

Overall, the value of high-end lawn care services is the proactive and preventative approach employed that heads off problems before they spread and keeps your lawn looking its very best always.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of GrassMasters’ holistic approach to lawn care, contact one of our specialists to schedule a phone consultation and inspection visit to your property.

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